Extremophiles 2002 -- Rossi et al. 185 (13): 3683 -- The Journal of Bacteriology: "H. Huber (University of Regensburg) reported the isolation of a nano-sized symbiont, which represents a novel phylum of Archaea, the 'Nanoarchaeota,' in a submarine hydrothermal vent. 'Nanoarchaeum equitans' shows unique features such as small cell size (only 400 nm in diameter), very small genome size (about 500 kb), and growth on the surface of another, 'normal-sized' archaeon, a new Ignococcus species. The importance of this discovery is clear: this 'nano-organism' can provide an extraordinary model to study evolution of thermophily, of minimal cellular and genetic requirement, and of interspecies communications. "

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